Tax Based Organizations

Miami area fire and police departments coming together to support  the Pink Heals, Cares Enough to Wear Pink program!

By giving the brand to your tax based agencies they cannot use the money for overhead because you already pay them through your tax base. This guarantees that all the money raised with our brand is given to the people or charities where one hundred percent of the money is directed back into their communities.

These agencies along with hospitals and schools request our art or brand and then build t-shirts and other items that directly link them to our mission statement. We have to make sure we never loose site of who pays our salaries. Most importantly when it comes to fundraising we should make sure that money raised goes right back to the people who we’re suppose to serve. As they begin the fundraising effort using our brand we ask that the people in their community support them because they are working for people rather than corporations.

When giving a donation Americans should be able to decide how much of it goes to research, we should know how much of it goes back to the parent organization but most importantly you should make sure it stays within your own state.