Mission Statement

To provide Visionary Leaders and Local Businesses with a program that supports people, not causes, through home visits and maintains fundraising dollars locally in support of women and their families!

“The Pink Heals Tour is about our community, our family, our neighbors, and our leaders and how it will help bring us back together to focus on one another." 
Dave Graybill

A History Of Giving Back

Our organization started in 2007 to help people battling cancer with a focus on women and what they mean to us in our daily lives!  Since that time the program has evolved to be the driving force of change in the way this country is fund raising. 

We have taken the theme of the Public Safety with pink fire trucks and pink police cars to serve our community by putting people first instead of causes. We believe that money raised in our communities, counties and states should remain there, giving us the option to either put it towards research or deliver one hundred percent of the money generated by fundraisers to the people that need it most! We believe that too often a community's labor of love to raise money through volunteerism results in very little of that money actually going to the people that need it most.

We’re one of the only charities that help other charities and tax based organizations raise money with our brand without having to control the fundraising dollars. Our goal at the national level is to create chapters to help implement this program in each one of our communities throughout the country. 100% of the money raised under the Pink Heals umbrella goes right back to the public, either by way of local charity or actual people in need of help!  Local chapters support your efforts and will help deliver your fund raising to the beneficiary(s) chosen so long as they meet our criterion of being truly selfless and not for profit.  No one should benefit from the illnesses and misfortune of others.  It's time to bring fund raising back as it was intended in our hearts - to help one another without expecting anything in return!

How are we able to operate if none of the donated dollars are kept within our organization?

We have created a brand with our clothing line and merchandise that is sold locally and nationally to help operate our Non-profit.  Monies raised operate the trucks and pay for the tour.  There are no salaries, no pensions, and no hidden agendas.  Your generosity in purchasing our merchandise guarantees that we can continue to reach out to communities across the nation and provide our program to them for free.  We guarantee that if your community adopts our program and implements it as intended that 100% of fund raising dollars will be directed right back into your community.


“Karen” with Karen our first truck!
A woman to whom I owe a most special "Thank You" for believing in me (Dave Graybill) and the vision of this initiative, Pink Heals.

We are focused on our charity’s ability to bring about long lasting and meaningful change in the lives of people and communities by helping to create immediate funds through tax based organizations such as but not limited to our first line of defense The Fire and Police Forces.