Mission Statement

                              To provide communities with a program that supports people in need on a personal level in partnership                  with public safety and local businesses. 

“The Pink Heals Tour is about our community, our family, our neighbors, and our leaders and how it will help bring us back together to focus on one another." 
Dave Graybill

How Can You Help?

Pink Heals, Inc. needs philanthropic support from businesses and corporations to help our volunteer firefighters and public servants deliver the mission and underwrite the hard costs of the Tour. As a responsible nonprofit, it is important for us to control costs and expenses. Pink Heals, Inc. ensures that each donor dollar is wisely and fiscally expended. For this reason,
we ask that your company consider supporting us in one or more of the following ways:

                                                                                              WAYS TO HELP
               Cash                     In-Kind Products & Services               Volunteers                  Marketing Muscle

                                                     TYPES OF DONATED AND/OR PURCHASING DISCOUNTS NEEDED
 Gasoline/Fuel (mostly Diesel)            Hotel/Motel Rooms           Groceries and/or Restaurant Meals       Airline Tickets/ Miles
                                              Food & Beverage/Catering Events             T-Shirt & promotional apparel

Contact us via email at info@pinkfiretrucks.org or at 602-350-2646


“Karen” with Karen our first truck!
A woman to whom I owe a most special "Thank You" for believing in me (Dave Graybill) and the vision of this initiative, Pink Heals.

We are focused on our charity’s ability to bring about long lasting and meaningful change in the lives of people and communities by helping to create immediate funds through tax based organizations such as but not limited to our first line of defense The Fire and Police Forces.