How Pink Heals Works

The National Tour:  Men and women commit up to 21 days away from their families to volunteer to drive the Pink Heals Initiative across America in our pink vehicles. The Pink Heals Tour can last as long as ten months, visiting hundreds of communities, and driving thousands of miles.  They bring our program to cities and towns across the country and inspire citizens, businesses and our political leadership to start putting people first and to keep fund raising dollars local!  This selfless effort by the individuals who drive these vehicles along with the thousands of people who have signed the trucks and cars, are the inspiration for your City to start this program! This is not just about members of  Public Safety, this is about doing what is right for the very people that, as fire fighters and public servants, we are supposed to serve.  Pink Heals supports local fund raising events and provides home visits upon request to support those in need.  Pink Heals is based on LOVE and three fundamental principles:

First: To provide visionary leaders and the general public with a program that maintains fund raising dollars locally. Pink Heals brings a community together out of Love, not on behalf of a cause or a ribbon, but on behalf of People!  Pink Heals uses the color PINK to represent women and their families, NOT a specific disease.  This is NOT about breast cancer, but about ALL illnesses and needs within a community that can be cured or supported by keeping fund raising money within the community, county or state!

Second: To give our elected leaders and local businesses the ability to align with an initiative that benefits the community WITHOUT aligning with a single cause, a specific disease or charity. This initiative is successful because it redirects the money raised in a community right back to the very people that raised it!  

Third:  Above all else Pink Heals strives to acknowledge the HUMAN element of having an illness or other type of adversity. Pink Heals makes home visits which provides moral support to individuals and their families.  

 Inherent leaders and businesses are embracing this initiative. The program doesn’t align a leader or a business with one specific entity- it's more personal than that.  This program aligns them with the women in their community, their fire fighters, their police department, their tax based groups and their constituents.  Leaders support local fund raising through Pink Heals and their constituents support their leader with votes.  Businesses support their patrons and their patrons choose that business for their goods and services.  It’s simple. 

Dave Graybill

How does the Pink Heals Movement affect Fund Raising by Tax Based Organizations and Local Businesses?

We give our “Art/Brand” to all tax based organizations like fire departments, police departments, school districts or any other organization within each State that exists through your hard earned tax dollars.  By adopting our Pink Heals program those organizations are able to direct their fund raising efforts back to the people that pay their taxes, starting with our women.  When 100% of the money raised by these organizations stays local it creates monies for immediate care!  Local businesses can do the same, fund raising for the people who buy their goods and services and keeping support local.