How Can you Help?

How do you get your City, Town or County to adopt the Pink Heals Program?

Inherent leaders and businesses are embracing this initiative. The program doesn’t align a leader or a business with one specific charity or sponsor.  It aligns them with the women in their community, their fire fighters, their police department, their tax based groups and constituents.  Leaders support local fund raising through Pink Heals and their constituents support their leader with votes.  Businesses support their patrons and their patrons choose that business for their goods and services.  It’s simple. 

Millions of dollars within each state could be directed back to the citizens who vote, pay taxes and who selflessly raised that money.  Pink Heals provides the means to achieve this in your community and the program is yours…for free…

Why not have each Principal, Fire Chief, Police Chief or Public Official choose non profits in their own community as their beneficiaries to annual contributions?   It’s time to fund raise under the Pink Heals Initiative umbrella!

 So how do you start using this program?

  1. Commit to Adopting the Program and Mission:  To keep 100% of fund raising dollars Local.  Which is not to say that a community couldn’t collectively decide to donate outside of itself – but it would be a community decision to do so!
  2. Either start a Pink Heals Chapter or enlist your fire, police or community leaders to build the program within their own agencies.  You do not need a pink fire truck to make this program work.  You need our logo, which we provide to you for free, and a commitment to keep fund raising local!
  3.  Educate your community.  Presence of the logo at fund raisers, in a business window, etc. should symbolize that organizations commitment to raising money and keeping it local.
  4. The final amount raised at a Pink Heals event is delivered directly to a local charity, NOT to a Pink Heals Chapter.  Pink Heals Chapters deliver money, they do not collect it. Local Chapters sustain themselves when you show your support with the purchase of a t-shirt or Pink Heals accessory.  They do not conduct transactions on behalf of fund raisers.

Pink Heals Chapters provide your community with the branding and show up to support you.  Operating under the Pink Heals umbrella validates your efforts and reassures volunteers, donators and consumers that money is being kept in their community.

Once put into action by your community leaders Pink Heals is an initiative that will bring the community together.  You will be able to use these two words PINK HEALS to create fund raisers year round for different causes that support your community needs: 

Pink Heals Diabetes,

Pink Heals Women’s Shelter,

Pink Heals Children’s Hospital,

Pink Heals Cancer,

Pink Heals your Community!

 The Bottom Line:  Pink Heals touches everyone.

It doesn’t matter what political group you belong to, what religion you support, whether you are rich or poor, our organization brings all of us together.  It unites our efforts in our towns, our cities and our state.  It keeps our hard earned money local and encourages us to keep the human element front and center.  It reminds us to pay it forward, to give a hug, to make eye contact and to care about one another.  Pink Heals!