Honda, Nissan and Toyota used our Brand to help fund raise for the women of their local community. They raffled a car off and donated the money locally to a charity that helps women and families battling cancer.

Since our brand represents love, selflessness, family and community, businesses are taking our brand without having to guarantee our non-profit the proceeds and directing their fundraising dollars local. Before a business uses our brand they must sign a good faith agreement stating that all their fundraising dollars have to stay at home, meaning if they raise a dollar, that whole dollar stays within their community, county or state! If we buy their goods and services, shouldn’t they be fundraising for the people in their own community and not a large corporate charity?

When approved by our national organization some businesses are putting their own logo inside our Pink Heals, “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” logo. We ask all of you to support a business that has our logo on display, just find out how they are directing their fundraising dollars. They need people to buy their goods and services, so they can raise money for people rather than causes, making sure they find a charity close to home that has very little overhead to support!