Who Are We?

We put our volunteerism and our labor of love to work for the people in your community.   According to our mission the money raised by your community efforts, be it individuals, public servants, or local businesses, should stay local - in your community, county or state.  Pink Heals is health care support at a grass roots level and visionary leaders across the country are implementing Pink Heals at a rapid pace.

Pink Heals is a program that partners with Public Safety, local businesses and families to bring a community together.  It is a program that provides home visits to show individuals that they are loved, cherished and important to others.  Pink Heals brings back the human element by celebrating people, not causes.

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How It Works

The Pink Heals National Tour operates by the sale of merchandise, gifts, local sponsorship and in kind donations to maintain our vehicles, buy gas and travel across the country to visit individuals and share the program.  Tour drivers volunteer up to 21 days at a time to drive pink fire trucks and police cars across America and deliver the Pink Heals Program to communities.  Our local chapters use pink fire trucks and police cars as a visual reminder that people matter.  Chapters partner with local businesses for home visits in order to provide visit recipients with donated goods, gift cards and services and to give the employees of those businesses the opportunity to bring joy, love and hope to people in need.