How Pink Heals Works

The Pink Heals Tour visiting Tammy to bring her some love and support. Pink Heals will be partnering with companies around the country to bring even more support to these lucky recipients.


Who Are We?

We put our volunteerism and our labor of love to work for the people in your community.   According to our mission the money raised by your community efforts, be it individuals, public servants, or local businesses, should stay local - in your community, county or state.  Pink Heals is health care support at a grass roots level and visionary leaders across the country are implementing Pink Heals at a rapid pace.

Pink Heals is a program that partners with Public Safety, local businesses and families to bring a community together.  It is a program that provides home visits to show individuals that they are loved, cherished and important to others.  Pink Heals brings back the human element by celebrating people, not causes.

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How It Works

The Pink Heals National Tour operates by the sale of merchandise, gifts and in kind donations to maintain our vehicles, buy gas and travel across the country to visit individuals and share the program.  Tour drivers volunteer up to 21 days at a time to drive pink fire trucks and police cars across America and deliver the Pink Heals Program to communities.  Our local chapters use pink fire trucks and police cars as a visual reminder that people matter.  Chapters partner with local businesses for home visits in order to provide visit recipients with donated goods, gift cards and services and to give the employees of those businesses the opportunity to bring joy, love and hope to people in need.

How Pink Heals Works

The National Tour:  Men and women commit up to 21 days away from their families to volunteer to drive the Pink Heals Initiative across America in our pink vehicles. The Pink Heals Tour can last as long as ten months, visiting hundreds of communities, and driving thousands of miles.  They bring our program to cities and towns across the country to partner with Public Safety and inspire citizens, businesses and community leaders to start putting people first through home visits and local fund raising.  This selfless effort by the individuals who drive these vehicles along with the thousands of people who have joined us for home visits,  and signed the trucks and cars, are the inspiration for your city to start this program! This is not just about members of  Public Safety, this is about doing what is right for the very people that, as fire fighters and public servants, we are supposed to serve. Pink Heals supports local fund raising events and provides home visits upon request to support those in need.  

Pink Heals is based on LOVE and three fundamental principles:

1.   Bring a community together on behalf of people, not for a specific cause. Pink Heals uses the color bubble gum pink to represent love and families, not a specific disease. This is NOT about breast cancer, but about ALL illnesses and struggles that people endure, and that a community can support.

2.  Give elected leaders and local businesses the ability to align with an initiative that benefits the whole community, without aligning with a single cause or one specific disease. This initiative ensures any funds raised in a community stay local.

3.  Pink Heals strives to acknowledge the human element of having an illness or other type of adversity. Pink Heals makes home visits to provide moral support, hope, love and validation to individuals and their families.

 "Inherent leaders and businesses are embracing this initiative. The program doesn’t align a leader or a business with one specific entity- it's more personal than that.  This program aligns them with the women in their community, their fire fighters, their police department, their tax based groups and their constituents.  Businesses support their patrons and their patrons choose that business for their goods and services.  It’s simple."      Dave Graybill


Mission Statement

                              To provide communities with a program that supports people in need on a personal level in partnership                  with public safety and local businesses. 

“The Pink Heals Tour is about our community, our family, our neighbors, and our leaders and how it will help bring us back together to focus on one another." 
Dave Graybill

How Can You Help?

Pink Heals, Inc. needs philanthropic support from businesses and corporations to help our volunteer firefighters and public servants deliver the mission and underwrite the hard costs of the Tour. As a responsible nonprofit, it is important for us to control costs and expenses. Pink Heals, Inc. ensures that each donor dollar is wisely and fiscally expended. For this reason,
we ask that your company consider supporting us in one or more of the following ways:

                                                                                              WAYS TO HELP
               Cash                     In-Kind Products & Services               Volunteers                  Marketing Muscle

                                                     TYPES OF DONATED AND/OR PURCHASING DISCOUNTS NEEDED
 Gasoline/Fuel (mostly Diesel)            Hotel/Motel Rooms           Groceries and/or Restaurant Meals       Airline Tickets/ Miles
                                              Food & Beverage/Catering Events             T-Shirt & promotional apparel

Contact us via email at or at 602-350-2646


“Karen” with Karen our first truck!
A woman to whom I owe a most special "Thank You" for believing in me (Dave Graybill) and the vision of this initiative, Pink Heals.

We are focused on our charity’s ability to bring about long lasting and meaningful change in the lives of people and communities by helping to create immediate funds through tax based organizations such as but not limited to our first line of defense The Fire and Police Forces.


About The Founder of Pink Heals

Dave Graybill is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, former athlete and retired fire fighter. He is a visionary man who has made it his life’s passion to partner with public safety and local businesses to give back to the community. His philanthropy began in 2003 when he organized sponsors and spent five months hitting a golf ball across America to raise money for sick children. It further evolved in 2007 when he formed the non-profit, Pink Heals. His idea to bring public safety officers together to fund raise and keep the money in their own community has grown exponentially. The program repurposes fire trucks and other public safety vehicles in order to make home visits to people in need and support fund raising efforts at a local level. Individuals and businesses who use the Pink Heals program for fund raising are encouraged to keep the money local to support community members, local non profits and neighborhood initiatives. Over the past ten years Dave has evolved the Pink Heals program from a single fire truck driven solely by him to dozens of vehicles in 2 countries driven by hundreds of volunteers. As a result of Dave’s visionary leadership the Pink Heals program is driving much needed support for a wide range of community based initiatives all over the World.



The National Organization of Pink Heals Inc./Pink Heals Tour operates sovereign and independently from it’s chapters.

Pink Heals Chapters across The United States and Canada operate independently and as their own legal entity.  Each individual chapter operates business and events under the supervision of their own elected board (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and a board of directors.

The National Organization of Pink Heals Inc./Pink Heals Tour requires all chapters to operate ethically, honestly, and with transparency.  A chapter which fails to operate ethically, honestly, and with transparency will constitute formal reprimand and will be issued a Cease and Desist order from the National Organization.