How Pink Heals Works


Who Are We?

The Cares Enough to Wear Pink and Pink Heals Movement is not just about raising money and awareness for a disease! Our program is much more profound.  It's a program that brings a community together based on the love of women, our care givers, and their families, which means that local, state and national leaders cannot say NO!

We have created a program BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE and it's free to adopt. We put our volunteerism and our labor of love to work for the people in our communities rather than for a "cause"!  The money raised by your community efforts, be it individuals, public servants, or local businesses, stays local.  It's health care support at a grass roots level and visionary leaders across the country are putting our program in place to support the people who elected them.

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How It Works

Pink Heals is a TRUE Non Profit.

The Pink Heals National Tour is funded 100% by the sale of merchandise and brought to you with selfless volunteer hours.  There are no corporate salaries or large retirement funds usurping money that should be directed towards our mission!  The sale of our merchandise allows us to maintain our vehicles, buy gas and bring our program to your elected leaders so they can start our Pink Heals program locally - for free!  Tour drivers volunteer up to 21 days at a time to drive pink fire trucks and police cars across America and deliver the Pink Heals Program to your local leaders.  Our local chapters use pink fire trucks and police cars as a visual reminder to keep fund raising monies local and will assist with delivering funds to local charities when requested. 

Pink Heals does not solicit donated dollars. We deliver them!

How Pink Heals Works

Men and women commit up to 21 days away from their families to volunteer to drive our pink vehicles and the Pink Heals Initiative across America. The Pink Heals Tour can last as long as ten months, visiting hundreds of communities, while driving thousands of miles. They bring a program to cities and towns across the country that inspires citizens, businesses and our political leadership to start putting people first, beginning with our women, and keeping fund raising dollars local! This selfless effort by the individuals who drive these vehicles along with the thousands of people who have signed the trucks and cars, are the inspiration for your City to start this program! This is not just about member of  Public Safety, this is about doing what is right for the very people that, as fire fighters and public servants, we are supposed to serve.  The Pink Heals Initiative is based on three fundamental principles:

First: To provide visionary leaders and the general public with a program that maintains fund raising dollars locally. Pink Heals brings a community together out of Love, not on behalf of a cause or a ribbon, but on behalf of People!  Pink Heals uses the color PINK to represent women and their families, NOT a specific disease.  This is NOT about breast cancer, but about ALL illnesses and needs within a community that can be cured or supported by keeping fund raising money local!

 Second: To give our elected leaders and local businesses the ability to align with an initiative that benefits the community WITHOUT aligning with a single cause, a specific disease or charity. This initiative is successful because it redirects the money raised in a community right back to the very people that raised it!

Third: To differentiate the good from the self-serving leaders and businesses in this country and to empower women and their families to support or replace them based on their performance.

 Inherent leaders and businesses are embracing this initiative. The program doesn’t align a leader or a business with one specific entity- it's more personal than that.  This program aligns them with the women in their community, their fire fighters, their police department, their tax based groups and constituents.  Leaders support local fund raising through Pink Heals and their constituents support their leader with votes.  Businesses support their patrons and their patrons choose that business for their goods and services.  It’s simple. 

Dave Graybill

How does the Pink Heals Movement affect Fund Raising by Tax Based Organizations and Local Businesses?

We give our “Art/Brand” to all tax based organizations like fire departments, police departments, school districts or any other organization within each State that exists through your hard earned tax dollars.  By adopting our Pink Heals program those organizations are able to direct their fund raising efforts back to the people that pay their taxes, starting with our women.  When 100% of the money raised by these organizations stays local it creates monies for immediate care!  Local businesses can do the same, fund raising for the people who buy their goods and services and keeping support local.

Mission Statement

To provide Visionary Leaders and Local Businesses with a program that maintains fundraising dollars locally in support of women and their families!

“The Pink Heals Tour and the “Cares Enough to Wear Pink” program is about our community, our family, our neighbors, and our leaders and how it will help bring us back together to focus on our own people now, rather than on promises that were never kept, opportunities that were lost, and things that might have been. Pink will heal as long as we do it in service to our women and what they mean to us in our communities, not just because they are sick or struggling with adversity. For if we use illness as the sole motivation for action, once the sickness is gone, so is the reason for coming together.”  
Dave Graybill

A History Of Giving Back

Our organization started in 2007 to help people battling cancer with a focus on women and what they mean to us in our daily lives!  Since that time the program has evolved to be the driving force of change in the way this country is fund raising. 

We have taken the theme of the Public Safety with pink fire trucks and pink police cars to serve our community by putting people first instead of causes. We believe that money raised in our communities, counties and states should remain there, giving us the option to either put it towards research or deliver one hundred percent of the money generated by fundraisers to the people that need it most! We believe that too often a community's labor of love to raise money through volunteerism results in very little of that money actually going to the people that need it most.

We’re one of the only charities that help other charities and tax based organizations raise money with our brand without having to control the fundraising dollars. Our goal at the national level is to create chapters to help implement this program in each one of our communities throughout the country. 100% of the money raised under the Pink Heals umbrella goes right back to the public, either by way of local charity or actual people in need of help!  Local chapters support your efforts and will help deliver your fund raising to the beneficiary(s) chosen so long as they meet our criterion of being truly selfless and not for profit.  No one should benefit from the illnesses and misfortune of others.  It's time to bring fund raising back as it was intended in our hearts - to help one another without expecting anything in return!

How are we able to operate if none of the donated dollars are kept within our organization?

We have created a brand with our clothing line and merchandise that is sold locally and nationally to help operate our Non-profit.  Monies raised operate the trucks and pay for the tour.  There are no salaries, no pensions, and no hidden agendas.  Your generosity in purchasing our merchandise guarantees that we can continue to reach out to communities across the nation and provide our program to them for free.  We guarantee that if your community adopts our program and implements it as intended that 100% of fund raising dollars will be directed right back into your community.


“Karen” with Karen our first truck!
A woman to whom I owe a most special "Thank You" for believing in me (Dave Graybill) and the vision of this initiative, Pink Heals.

We are focused on our charity’s ability to bring about long lasting and meaningful change in the lives of people and communities by helping to create immediate funds through tax based organizations such as but not limited to our first line of defense The Fire and Police Forces.


About The Founder of Pink Heals

The Pink Heals Program was conceived and founded by Dave Graybill, a retired

firefighter and former professional athlete. A loving father of two healthy children who selflessly

spent his inheritance to golf across America to raise money for sick children. A

visionary man who has made it his philanthropic mission to change the manner in

which our country fund raises from one that focuses on causes and ribbons to one

that focuses on the human element again and keeps monies raised in a community

within that community to benefit its people. The Pink Heals Program has evolved

from a single fire truck driven by a single fire fighter (Dave Graybill) to over 150

trucks in 3 countries driven by hundreds of volunteers on a mission to keep fund

raising local to support the communities themselves. What started out as a mission

that focused on a single disease has evolved into a Program that can heal all things.

Dave’s visionary leadership has turned the trucks around and Pink Heals is the

vehicle that this country is using to drive home much needed support for a wide

range of community based initiatives. Thank you for your interest in this program.

Please read on and peruse our website to learn more about the program and how

you can bring this initiative to your own city or town.

Disclaimer: The National Organization of Pink Heals Inc./Pink Heals Tour operates sovereign and independently from it’s chapters. Pink Heals Chapters across The United States and Canada operate independently and as their own legal entity. Each individual chapter operates business and events under the supervision of their own elected board (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and a board of directors. *The National Organization of Pink Heals Inc./Pink Heals Tour requires all chapters to operate ethically, honestly, and with transparency. A chapter which fails to operate ethically, honestly, and with transparency will constitute formal reprimand and will be issued a Cease and Desist order from the National Organization.